about The podcast

Created in May of 2015, the podcast was started to help build and showcase the Jurassic Park community. The podcast was built from the ground up over a few months time. Editing the show format, segment transitions, and interaction methods took some time, but finally a few weeks before Jurassic World debuted, the podcast began. The show strives to give the community the news, the latest fan interviews and discussions, as well as the best audio from around the community. The podcast showcases fans and their thoughts in the listener segment or within the audio segment, for those who produce music and other clips. 

The website is the newest addition to the community interactions. Working side by side with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube, the website will showcase new episodes, articles, videos, & more. 

About the host

I've been a huge fan of Jurassic Park since 1993, when the original film debuted. It started even earlier than that, with my love of dinosaurs. As a child, dinosaurs were everything to me, to the point of wanting to be a paleontologist even before meeting Alan Grant. After amassing book after book on dinosaurs, along with other toys and collectibles, Jurassic Park came along and started an entire new obsession for me. 

The Jurassic Park and The Lost World toys made a major impact on my most impressionable years. The Jurassic Park films, along with Back to the Future & Star Wars, started my love for the film industry. I continually collect, research, and meticulously watch all things film & television. I'm hooked and never turning back. The podcast gives me an outlet to speak with like-minded film lovers.  


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