Brad Jost

Host - The Jurassic Park Podcast


Brad has been a huge fan of Jurassic Park since 1993, when the original film debuted. It started even earlier than that - with his love of dinosaurs and the introduction of Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park novel via his mom. As a child, dinosaurs were everything to Brad, to the point of wanting to be a paleontologist even before meeting Alan Grant. After amassing book after book on dinosaurs, along with other toys and collectibles, Jurassic Park came along and started this new obsession. The Jurassic Park and The Lost World toys made a major impact on Brad's most impressionable years, creating memories than have lasted over 20 years. The Jurassic Park films, along with Back to the Future & Star Wars, started his love for the film industry. The podcast gives him an outlet to speak with like-minded film lovers on everything Jurassic Park and beyond!  Make sure to check out his other podcasts, Never Offline and Grim Grinning Hosts. 

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