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Contributor - Jaye & Ted's Jurassic Adventures

Jennifer has been our #1 source for Bryce Dallas Howard, as she is the operator of BDH Network, covering Bryce intently. There's also no one better at defending Claire Dearing and her role in the Jurassic Universe. You can't beat her emotion for John Hammond and his Flea Circus. It's the subtle moments in the Jurassic Park franchise that bring excitement to Jen's voice. The podcast has given us the ability to become friends and meet in person! Her perspective on the podcast is always interesting and listeners love hearing from her. 

The Jurassic Mailbag gives Jennifer the opportunity to share her unique insights with the community and create a bit of incoherent content with Brad. It always comes down to laughter and nonsense in the Jurassic Mailbag. 

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