JURASSIC WORLD ALIVE: Detailed Look and Review!


They’re alive and in our world! That’s the tagline for Jurassic World Alive as well as something we’ve probably all wished was possible, and now thanks to Ludia Inc. and Universal that wish has come true! Well… sort of. When I first saw the teaser trailer for this game of a man walking through a park on his phone and turning around to see a t-rex let out the iconic Jurassic Park roar I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I quickly searched it to find out what exactly it was and the excitement only built when I learned that Jurassic World Alive was essentially “Pokémon Go” but Jurassic World themed. I played quite a bit of “Pokémon Go” despite having never been into Pokémon and now having this type of game connected with a title a cared infinitely more about I was hooked. I pre-registered and as soon as it was out I started playing it. That was over four months ago and I’m still playing it. The game centers around 4 main components: explore, collect, create and battle. Each of these aspects helps build a gameplay experience that is fun, exciting and addicting.

The first component of the game is exploration. Jurassic World Alive uses Google Maps to give you an accurate real world map of where you are. Displayed on your map will be dinosaurs and icons that look like little boxes. These boxes are called supply drops. Simply walk towards a supply drop and once you are close enough to it you will be able to tap the box and earn in-game rewards needed for other aspects of the game. These rewards include coins, darts and cash. Coins are used to evolve and level up your dinosaurs. Darts are used to accumulate dinosaur DNA. Cash is used to buy darts, coins, and incubators which give you additional dino DNA. If you walk into range of a dinosaur on your map and tap it, a button will appear beneath the dinosaur that says “launch”. Pressing this button will launch your “drone” which is how you use your darts to get dinosaur DNA.


This leads us into the second component of the game: collect. Launching your drone brings you to a screen that shows an overhead view of the dinosaur you are trying to dart. The dino will appear with a target somewhere on it. Placing your finger on the screen will cause a crosshairs to appear. By sliding your finger across your phone screen you aim at the target. To release the dart simply take your finger off the screen. You repeat this as many times as you can to get as much DNA as possible before the timer runs out. The closer you are to the dinosaur on the real world map, the more time you will have to launch darts. Collect as many dinosaurs as you can to build your collection.

The third aspect of the game is create. In your DNA lab, all the dinosaurs you have collected will appear on your screen for you to view. This screen will tell you all of the options you have for creating hybrids as well as how much DNA of each dinosaur it will take to create that hybrid. There are five classes of dinosaur in Jurassic World Alive. Common dinosaurs are frequently found and start at level 1. Rare dinos are a little harder to come by and start out at level 6. Epic dinosaurs are even harder to find and start at level 11. Legendary dinosaurs are all hybrids and can only be collected by creating them with DNA from other dinosaurs in your collection. These dinos start at level 16. Finally there are unique dinosaurs which are only created using at least one legendary hybrid and start at level 21. These are incredibly difficult to acquire.

The final aspect of the game is battle. First you get to choose a team of eight of your dinosaurs. When you enter a battle in the battle menu four of your eight dinos will be randomly selected for you to use in the battle. You will be matched up against a random player from somewhere in the world to battle against. The first player to defeat three of your opponent’s four dinosaurs is the winner. This will earn you battle “trophies” which advances you to different battle arenas. The battle arenas help to keep you in fair matchups against players with similarly leveled dinosaurs as well as giving you specific dino DNA in incubators. Simply activate an incubator and after the specified time the incubator will “hatch” and you will get more DNA to use in the DNA lab.


Dinosaurs in this game look absolutely stunning and the sounds they make are great as well as their movements and animations. It’s easy to play and anyone can jump right into it. You can decide on your own weather you want to play for a couple weeks or a couple years based on your liking of the game. If you do choose to continue playing for a while there is ample opportunity to spend real money on this game. These purchases will give you extra DNA and coins. The nice thing about it is that the game is completely playable with or without spending real money. The bad thing about it is that once you become a higher level you feel a bit of pressure to spend money to keep up with the game.

Jurassic World Alive, in my opinion, is one of the best games you can get for mobile. It is fun, strategic, and a little addicting. I don’t think you could ask for a whole lot more from a phone game and free is everybody’s favorite price. If you’re even thinking about downloading it, give it a try.


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Written by:
 AJ Koch