Exciting Jurassic News for Doctor Collector fans in the UK!


So if you haven’t already heard Doctor Collector have announced that for the first time their Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Legacy Collectors Edition kit and their Jurassic World Deluxe welcome kit are available to pre order and order respectively on Amazon UK!

Doctor Collector are a Spanish company that specialise in selling licensed products for films, television series and video games. The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World kits were originally only available in Spain from the Doctor Collector website but are available through Amazon UK as we speak.

These welcome kits are a must have item for any Jurassic Park and Jurassic World fan and contain many Jurassic goodies: featuring exclusive artwork, replica film props, pins, stickers and much more.

The Jurassic Park legacy kit is retailing for £34.99 and is a limited edition so if you want one you better pre order quick! This kit will be available from 31st of May 2019 onwards. The Jurassic World Deluxe kit retails at £21.99 and is currently available.

Check out the images below of what you get in each kit.

The Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Legacy Collectors Edition Kit

Image 1.jpg

Jurassic World Deluxe Kit

Image 2.jpg

UK fans of the series will no doubt want to pick these kits up as soon as possible. Our good friend Jurassic Collectables reviewed the Spanish version of the Jurassic Park Anniversary Edition kit a while ago, you can watch his review here. Also, don’t mis our look at the Jurassic World Deluxe kit below.

2019 is off to a fantastic start for Jurassic fans and there will be a lot more Jurassic franchise content to look forward to over the coming year, that is for sure.


Written by:
James Ronan