Community Focus: Concert Documentary / Ted Brothers / Jurassic World Regenesis

This is the first installment of the Jurassic Park Community Focus series, featuring community work that deserves a spotlight! Stay tuned for more installments as the amazing members of this community continue to produce great content.

Jurassic Park in Concert at The Royal Albert Hall - The Documentary

Sam Phillips, Ross Lane & Jack Ewins from the JurassicCast Podcast along with cameraman & editor Ben Mills,  James Hawkins & Steven Hurrell from Jurassic Unicast, and Joel Squires all teamed up to bring you this awesome behind the scenes documentary focusing on the premiere of Jurassic Park in Concert at The Royal Albert Hall. It's filmed really well, gives great insight into performing with an orchestra and really showcases the love of this film series by all, so definitely check it out! Be sure to follow their more of their work through their production company - Practical Creative. Give it a watch and please share their work with your friends and family.

Ted Brothers - Toy Repainter & Customizer

I've been following Ted Brothers for a while now over on Instagram and I have to say, he has a great talent for customizing figures. He's found a way to legitimize the recent Hasbro Jurassic World toy line with his customization and repainting of the dinosaurs. Ted also has a knack for taking diorama snapshots that perfectly encapsulate scenes from the films or the trading cards he's showcasing. As he faithfully contributes to the Jurassic Community, his Instagram following continues to build tremendously every week! As you can see in the images above, he kills it with each and every photograph - He's a must follow on his Instagram and definitely subscribe to his Youtube channel to see his repaints in progress!

Jurassic World: Regenesis

Timack Creations, the creators of the viral Masrani Global website, have built a new platform to experience the dark ages of Jurassic Park - Jurassic World: Regenesis -  With the story written by Timothy L. Glover and Jack Anthony Ewins, you'll find yourself in an interactive story bridging the gap between Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. Throughout the interactive comic, you'll find great artwork and animations from Jaroslav Kosmina and Manuel Bejarano, as well as film and fan Easter eggs hidden within the story. So far two incredibly produced chapters have been released, with more on the way. It's brilliantly crafted and an interesting/fun way to build the "fan-canon" timeline between the films. Don't miss it!

Stay tuned for future installments of Jurassic Park Community Focus, as community members continuously produce quality content for us all to take in! 

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