#JURASSICGIVEAWAY - Jurassic World DVD & The Good Dinosaur Blu-ray!

To celebrate the 1st birthday/anniversary of the podcast, we are giving away two DVD's, a standard DVD copy of Jurassic World and a Blu-ray copy of Disney/Pixar's The Good Dinosaur!

To win one of these, you need to head to our iTunes and leave a 5 star review along with the following: #JURASSICGIVEAWAY and write your choice of either Jurassic World or The Good Dinosaur. We will be picking two winners, one for each DVD. 

We will be running the giveaway throughout June! Once we pick the winners for the corresponding DVD's, we will announce those winners here on the podcast. It is up to you to reach out to us and confirm your entry. 


Remember, there's three keys to winning, Leave a 5 star review on iTunes, along with #JURASSICGIVEAWAY & your choice of DVD!

Good-luck to everyone who enters!