Congratulations Mattel! - A Fan Video Project

Recently, we asked people within the Jurassic Park fan community to submit videos for our Mattel Video Project. In this project, we were looking for people to congratulate Mattel on the recent acquisition of the Jurassic Park/World toy line, express their thoughts on the past toy lines, and maybe even give some of their hopes for the future. Take a look at the amazing results!

The people within this community are very passionate about the Jurassic toy lines, including the days of both Kenner and Hasbro. The future is very bright for the Jurassic fans and we are all very hopeful for everything Mattel will bring to the store shelves.

A big thanks to everyone who submitted videos to the project; we really appreciate your help in getting this project off the ground. You are all such important parts in the community and we couldn't have asked for better submissions! This project wouldn't have come to fruition without Aaron Beyer, who came up with the idea and edited the video for us! Thank you so much. 

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