TWO BONUS EPISODES: Jack Horner Chat & Frontier Expo Jurassic Pop Quiz!


We have two special Bonus Episodes to debut here at the end of the week, both featuring content from Frontier Expo with Steve Hurrell and James Hawkins!

In the first Bonus Episode, James and Steve chat with Jack Horner, Paleontologist and Technical Advisor on all the Jurassic Park films. Jack was kind enough to chat with James and Steve about dinosaurs, the films, Fallen Kingdom and more! Wrapping up the episode we have a few excerpts from Jack Horner's talk at Frontier Expo featuring a few words about the films. You won't want to miss it!

In the second Bonus Episode, James and Steve corralled participants for their a quick hit version of their segment Jurassic Pop Quiz. They asked guests to name as many Jurassic franchise characters as possible in 30 seconds to test their JP knowledge! In this episode they quiz Paleontologist - Jack Horner, BBC Tech Reporter - Kate Russell, Jurassic World Evolution Developers Michael Brookes, Nick Rodgers and more! This is a fun episode you need to hear!

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