Jurassic World Evolution Unveiled! #FX2017


Today, Frontier Developments revealed all the latest secrets on the upcoming game Jurassic World Evolution and we were there to cover all the latest details! Michael Brookes, Andy Fletcher, and Nick Rodgers were on stage to reveal all of the content to the packed house in London. Frontier obviously shows a passion for their work - especially their theme park games and Jurassic World Evolution was a dream come true for the developers. 

Build Your Own Jurassic World

They confirmed basing the game around the 5 deaths and of course Isla Nublar, but didn't want to get into the details on Nublar just yet. Interesting. I wonder why? You will be able to approach each island a different way and those ways are reflected through Science, Security, and Entertainment!

Entertainment follows the dream of John Hammond and building a park, Security manages the danger of each animal and Science, well it can be a bit chaotic. These three faculties work together to manage the park, but are no help against the management of disasters. Tropical Storms, Infrastructure, and upset dinosaurs. Hopefully you'll be able to pick of the pieces and keep the park running.  


You will have access to the InGen Database, dinosaur genomes from around the world at dig sites and use the information to incubate your dinosaurs and set them free on the island. 

The animators worked off the dinosaurs we've all seen in the film before to create this living park. Instead of creating their own versions, they wanted to work closely with Universal Studios to get the models right! They have over 10 years of experience behind their work to create the most realistic dinosaurs possible! They certainly did a great job off the footage that was showcased! 


The in-game footage looked incredible and I cannot wait to play this game!!! The footage on the island was based around Isla Matanceros! Very awesome to see them focusing so much on the Five Deaths!

Don't miss all our upcoming coverage here on the website, our twitter and podcast feed! See the photos below that James Hawkins and Steve Hurrell captured live at the event! I love the Rex shot and the Ankylosaurus! Such a great mood to all the footage and images, so it looks like there is a ton to be excited about!