BABY BLUE! Or is it? - First Look From Colin Trevorrow!

Incredible! No words at the moment to describe how cool this is. OK wait - Cute, Adorable, Exciting, Endearing, Lovable, Darling, Lovable, Baby, Velociraptor, Blue. So there's plenty of words to describe what we can all assume is Baby Blue! Or is it?

What does this clip tell us about the film?

There are a few options here for us to consider. Let's start with the obvious thread, but maybe not likely - if this is Baby Blue, we will be seeing flashbacks. We've never seen a flashback in a Jurassic film before, so this is new territory for the series. Now the first thing that pops into my head when I think of a flashback is a dramatic story-line. Does this spell a sad end for Blue? Maybe Owen? Giving us a scene like this from the past can help to give us more ammo for tears later in the film. Maybe it's not about sadness though. It could be foreshadowing skills Owen used to train Blue in a sequence later in the film. At this point, it's unknown...

The second option (and more likely) is that it could be an offspring of Blue. It's possible. After the events of Jurassic World, Blue ran off into the park to wander and do as she pleases. Did she find other loose raptors? Maybe she found a mate in the restricted area? It's possible. We know there were raptors loose in the original film due to the eggs found in the jungle by Alan Grant and the kids. Has Own stumbled upon Blue's nest and offspring? It's possible. 

Another tidbit I wanted to point out is the costume on Owen Grady. He is wearing clothes here that we have seen before. Where you may ask? Well... set photos from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Now, in these set photos, Chris Pratt is wearing this same Blue long sleeve shirt and brown leather vest, in what I can assume is a scene that is real-time with the events of the film, not a flashback. Does this hint that the second theory is true? Again, it's possible. I do want to mention the awesome leather gauntlet he is wearing. It has a few small claw marks, so expect a little tango with a baby Velociraptor!

Where is this?

Another interesting point... Who would have thought a 6 second clip could spark so much conversation! Take a look behind Owen and the Baby Raptor. What do you see? 


Look familiar? Well it should, as we've seen it in the films a few times now. The iconic mural from the foyer of the Visitors Center is seen behind Owen in this short clip. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? For one, WE GET TO SEE THE VISITORS CENTER AGAIN!!! I'm super thankful for that. The short sequence we saw from it in Jurassic World was not enough, so I'm glad it's coming back. Has Blue found a new home inside the Visitors Center? The place where several of her ancestors were torn apart by a Tyrannosaurus Rex? So many questions and so many answers from a 6 second clip. It's a great time to be a fan. 

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