New Jurassic World: Evolution Footage from @IGN!

It’s Tom here – and today we have some exciting Jurassic World: Evolution news.

IGN released an article today which you can find HERE highlighting JWE as a game to look forward to in 2018. Whilst we’ve seen lots of footage before now, this article included an exciting new look at some dinosaurs in the game engine – including a fan favorite which we had not seen so far!

The trailer starts with a look at some Raptors – which we have seen before, but we are then greeted with what appears I initially thought was a Dilophosaurus – but it is most another smaller dinosaur instead, most likely a Guanlong. I am not massive on the paleontological knowledge side so this may be another dinosaur, but this reveal of yet another brand-new dinosaur in the game gets me excited – as clearly, we still have lots more to see and do in the game! We also get a shot here closely mimicking the shot from the end of Jurassic World with the T-Rex – a beautiful shot and one which is sure to get fans excited, whilst also giving us a look at some more of the Jurassic World structures which we can place within the game presumably.

We also see another new breed of dinosaur which I initially thought was the Baryonyx – but is not this dino, but rather a Edmontosaurus. I am not too familiar with this dinosaur, but it is exciting to have more dinosaurs appearing in the game.

We also get a look at some of the beautiful herbivores we have already come to know and love, and an over-view of a structural area which suggests that we can place our own Monorails, Innovation Centers and Hotels. This has me incredibly excited, as it looks as though we will be free to shape these islands as we see fit!

We also then get a look at some fan favorites, in addition to the Ceratosaurus and some weather affects – suggesting that the storms which knocked Jurassic Park out of action may be very real problems that we must face as park managers within this game.  These new shots give me faith that we have plenty more dinosaurs to see in this exciting new game – and I cannot wait to see just how far we can go when it comes to crafting our very own Jurassic World!

What does all this mean for Claire Dearing and the Dinosaur Protection Group? Will there be even more dinosaurs to save from Nublar in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I am incredibly excited to see the relationship the dinos in the game and the film will share. 

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