FIRST LOOK: All Is Still In The Jurassic World Sequel!

It begins folks! Here is our first look at the upcoming Jurassic World sequel! I'm pretty sure the internet broke as J.A. Bayona, Colin Trevorrow, and Frank Marshall all tweeted out a still from the new film. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!

In the still we see a young girl (Lucy?) staring down the ancient bones of the Triceratops-esque, all while being surrounded by an assortment of species. The tone of the image is the most striking observation, as it clearly strives for the darker tone of The Lost World:Jurassic Park. I am suddenly reminded of the tone of John Hammond's mansion in the second film. 

This image is surely a starting point that brings back the awe and wonder of dinosaurs that maybe some felt was missing from Jurassic World. Viewing these extinct creatures through this child's eyes surely strikes a chord with how this film will represent these creatures. I'm still in awe at the image - now just imagine the entire film with this tone...

We've all heard about "Lucy" before, through a casting call for a younger actress - is this "Lucy"? I'd think so. How does she relate to the film? That is one of the eager questions we all share at this moment.

What do you think about this image? Are you excited? Share your feelings in the comments below and don't forget to listen to the podcast each and every week!