Extinction Level: Jurassic Park (Episode 10) & After Show + Primeval Spotlight! - Episode 124

Welcome to The Jurassic Park Podcast! In Episode 124, we present the 10th Episode of Extinction Level: Jurassic Park from Arjan Bos. This time in Extinction Level, we track down a Compy lead and revisit the iconic compound from the island escape in The Lost World. There's some great tie-ins to Jurassic Park 3 as well! Following that, I'll give you my after show thoughts on Extinction Level Episode 10. 

After that, we bring you the new segment The Innovation Centre with Tom Fishenden! Today, Tom brings us some memories and thoughts on the British Television series Primeval. The Innovation Centre is Tom's place to visit fan projects and other elements that innovate the dinosaur genre and Jurassic Park!

This Week's Contributors: Arjan Bos

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Tom Fishenden


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