Halloween Special 2017! - Episode 122

Welcome to The Jurassic Park Podcast! In Episode 122 we present our Halloween Special for 2017! This episode starts off with an installment of The Game Trail with Aaron Beyer and Brad Jost playing through 2XL the Talking Robot's Chaos In Jurassic Park. After that we hear more about InGen's misdeeds from Travis Stevens in his segment, Chaos Theories.

We return to the segment Amber Finds, with Jaye Jurassick. This time he discusses a few ghostly toy stories. After that we hear from James Hawkins and Steve Hurrell in another Jurassic Pop Quiz. They'll quiz someone we've long thought was gone! Finally we'll wrap up the show with a poem from Tom Fishenden on the demise of Dennis Nedry!

This Week's Contributors: 

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Jaye Jurassick

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