Community Focus: Jurassic Collectables' Working Nightvision Goggles


As Jurassic fans, we all have that one piece of memorabilia we remember – whether it be the Bull T-Rex, the Jurassic Park Visitor Center Playset, or a game like Operation Genesis. But for some fans, the desire to own a certain piece of memorabilia enters a whole new level – a level where artwork and creativity merge to create a beautiful rendition of something which we may have yearned for on screen but never actually received from a physical company. We all know about Chronicle Collectible’s high-end Jurassic Park Night Vision goggles set to release soon, but how authentic will they be? Whilst Chronicle’s goggles have only recently been announced, there has been one fan project which has been brewing in the background for a long time, and today it was finally released. It is my pleasure to talk today about Jurassic Collectables' fully authentic Jurassic Park Night Vision Goggles replica.

Anyone who has been in the Jurassic community for some time will be familiar with JC. Whether it be his reviews of compatible dinosaurs, his in-depth looks at prop-recreations or his opinions on news as it drops, there is no doubt in my mind at least that JC is one of the biggest Jurassic fans out there. So, I was excited to see what was being developed when I heard rumblings of him working on something, with little teases her and there to expect something big. We soon came to know that this reveal was going to be something from Jurassic Park, and whilst I expected something good given JC’s track record with the finer details, I was not expecting what we have. JC’s night vision goggles recreate the exact prop found on the set-in replica form – from the same brand zoom lenses, to the same brand harness and even the same switches on the sides, JC has invested some money in creating a piece of pure cinema bliss. I don’t want to talk about these two much as I feel his video is the only way of giving justice to this incredible prop, so I encourage you to check out the video below and visit his Photobucket to be immersed in the steps he took and the reference materials he used to make this awesome prop.


JC if you’re reading this – fantastic job my friend, you knocked it out the ballpark completely! I cannot wait to see what Jurassic adventure you endeavor on next.

Article by Thomas Fishenden