UPDATED: (New Images, Figures & Release Details) Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Funko Pop Images!

UPDATE #3: You can pre-order the items currently from Entertainment Earth! There is still no pre-order for the Ellie Sattler figure and the injured Malcolm figure is not yet up for pre-order. Funko's site mentioned the items coming February, but these items from Entertainment Earth will be shipping out in March. 

UPDATE #2: It looks like Ellie hasn't been forgotten just yet. See the tweet from Funko below.

I've got to be honest, since there's a delay in the announcement, I wonder if it has anything to do with it being a Universal theme park exclusive. If you follow Funko Pop and theme park exclusives, you may have seen the Indiana Jones vinyl figure with Jeep. This figure was an exclusive to the Disney Parks, as well as 2016 New York Comic Con. I wonder if it will follow the same trend since the figures are so alike.  

See the first update and the original posting below:

UPDATE: It looks like Funko wanted to confirm things on their own, so now we have brand new images and details regarding the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary vinyl Funko Pops. We've updated most of the new images provided below, but here's a few more details included with their blog post


In one of the most iconic looks from Jurassic Park, Funko has recreated the sultry injured Ian Malcolm in vinyl form - complete with open chest and bloody Tyrannosaurus Rex injury! This is an absolutely fantastic addition to the already stellar lineup. Another day-one purchase. This one will only be available for purchase at Target locations. 


Next up we have the variant Dilophosaurus chaser that has a 1 in 6 chance of picking this one up. We previously reported on the frilled Dilophosaurus, but now we have the rare no-frill Dilo, which is actually a really fantastic design on it's own. It seems to be the identical design, minus the frill, so I guess it depends on which one you see first will end up in your shopping cart. 


The last new item included in Funko's blog post is the 2-pack Dennis Nedry and Dilophosaurus that is only available from Entertainment Earth. This Nedry vinyl figure features the splatter of the Dilophosaurus venom, which is a nice touch to the two pack. Funko is treating us pretty well here with the variants and exclusives!

On a side note, completely absent from their posting about the Jurassic Funko line is the inclusion of the Ellie Sattler Jeep Chase vinyl Pop. I'm extremely curious as to why they left this one off their list at this point. Maybe it's due to the backlash from not including Ellie's name on the packaging or her absence from a standalone figure? Maybe they are warming up for a better announcement for the women of this film. Let's hope. 

The final detail on their blog post is that these figures will hit the shelves in FEBRUARY! Very cool. The early word was that they were debuting in April, but it's great to hear it's happening sooner than we thought! Are you excited by the new details? Let us know in the comments below. 

The original article from Tom Fishenden is as follows:


This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Jurassic Park – and what better way to celebrate this milestone for such an iconic film then through some brand-new merchandise?

Funko – the masterminds behind the vinyl figure phenomenon which has seen characters from the likes of Marvel, DC, Halo, Call of Duty and more immortalized in plastic, have obtained the license to produce Jurassic Park and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Pops and Pop Rides. Whilst we haven’t seen anything about the Fallen Kingdom products, the Jurassic Park products have been revealed – and they look wonderful. Let’s break them down.


Firstly, we have Alan Grant – arguably the most iconic character from the original film. Here he comes in his iconic outfit, and he is clutching his Raptor Claw – and iconic prop from the first film. It’s great to see one of the classic icons of the franchise realized in vinyl form. The details on him – from his utility belt, to the wrinkles in his clothing and the details on his hat look phenomenal. When you think of the Jurassic franchise, Alan Grant is one of the mainstays – so it is great to be able to add him to our shelves. Next up, another icon from the franchise – Ian Malcolm. With his return in Fallen Kingdom fast approaching, it is exciting to be able to add Malcolm to our collections. From his tinted sunglasses to his low-collared shirt, this rendition of Malcolm brings his most iconic appearance straight to our collections. And who doesn’t love more Jeff Goldblum, right?


Moving on from Doctors Grant and Malcolm, we have our next character – none other than the man who created it all, John Hammond. John Hammond looks great here – with his thick, white beard, rounded glasses and Amber cane looking spot-on. I really like the attention to detail with the amber cane here. We can see all the separate divides and textures akin to replicas like that from Chronicle Collectibles – details which weren’t necessary, but add a lot more depth to the product. Hammond looks great – and what better character to welcome us to Jurassic Park? Lastly on the human individual packs, we have Dennis Nedry. The slimy, profiteering computer technician from the first film comes complete with his glasses and bright-yellow Jurassic Park raincoat – and even includes the Barbasol can so iconic to the first film in his hand. This version of Dennis looks great – and it’s even greater that we get a fitting counterpart on the dinosaur side of things.


Our first out of two smaller-scale dinosaurs is the Velociraptor. Whether this is meant to be modeled off The Big One, or simply another raptor is up for debate. However, this dinosaur does feature a lot of nice details – including the appearance of sharp teeth, lots of scale details and other textured components which add to the overall appearance of the beast. Whilst I like the amount of detail on this figure, the only thing I don’t like here is the bright yellow eyes. The complete oval shape here almost makes the eyes appear more akin to a Trodoon – something which while nice, perhaps does not match the character. This is, however, is something which is iconic to Funko’s style – so in that way, I can accept how these are slightly more stylized representations of our favorite creatures. The second smaller dinosaur is the iconic Dilophosaurus – and the dinosaur which brought about Nedry’s fate in the first film. Here we see the dinosaur with frills extended, ready to spit venom at it’s unlucky foe. The paintwork here is great – with lots of nice contrasting colors creating a great dinosaur which I cannot wait to own. There was some speculation about a chase variant of the Dilophosaurus – perhaps with it’s frills closed, but we are yet to see this. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something like a Dilophosaurus/Nedry two pack in the future – with variants designed to recreate that fateful scene from the first film.


Lastly, we have our larger sets and we start them off with the most iconic creature in the films – Rexy. The T-Rex looks great here in all her glory, and is scaled up to better match the sizes of the other collectibles within the line. The colors here look great, and she uses Funko’s cartoony, animated style to advantageous effect – creating a cool dinosaur which looks fantastic, and will most definitely look amazing displayed with our next piece. Now, for all you die-hard fans reading this, you’ll be thinking that the line is great, but it is missing the female touch. Well – worry not. Our iconic leading lady, Ellie Sattler, is included with a Funko Ride of one of the original Jurassic Park Jeep Wranglers. From what we can see of Ellie, she looks great – and is, of course, wearing her iconic pink top. I am excited to see the rest of her costume. The Jeep looks great – obviously meant to mimic the jeep that Ellie and Muldoon are using when they find the Tyrannosaurus Rex after the breakout. It is interesting to note that the jeep appears to be Jeep 18 – one of the jeeps used to transport the visitors from the Isla Nublar Helipad in Jurassic Park, and also the jeep which Owen attempts to jump start in Jurassic World after Zach and Gray take Jeep 29. Whilst Jeep 18 never appears canonically with the box variation seen here, it is nice that Funko made sure the number on this jeep was applicable to one of the jeeps that operated on Nublar. Attention to detail is everything – and Funko certainly know that.


So, that breaks down this first lineup. I know what you are thinking. Where is Muldoon? Where are the kids? Where is the Ford Explorer? Well – this is just the first wave in the Jurassic license. We know that Fallen Kingdom Pops are coming from the Toyfair Booklet – so what is to say we won’t get even more from the other films in the future? Perhaps The Lost World, Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World Pops are just on the horizon. I’m attending London Toyfair on Tuesday – and if I can meet with Funko, you can bet I’ll have all the newest details here for you! Until then, show Funko some love – this line looks great, and encapsulates how we can all show some love for Jurassic Park’s 25th Anniversary.

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