Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Funko Pop! Dennis Nedry & Injured Ian Malcolm Review!

Hello everyone – and welcome back to another Jurassic Park Funko Pop! review here on the Jurassic Park Podcast.

Today we have two more Pops! to look at thanks to Charlotte at Funko Europe. The first, is the wide-release variant of Dennis Nedry with his clean face yellow raincoat. The second, is the Target-exclusive variant of Ian Malcolm, dubbed ‘Sexy Jeff’ by many Jeff Goldblum fans across the globe. We’re going to dive into both, and look at these awesome additions to the Jurassic Park line-up.

Nedry 1.jpg

Firstly, we have the antagonist of the first Jurassic Park film – Dennis Nedry. The often bitter and incredibly greedy computer technician behind the UNIX system implemented to automate Jurassic Park’s systems. The character is presented here in arguably one of his more iconic outfits – the yellow rain jacket he wears shortly before meeting his peril when goading a stray Dilophosaurus. I really like the colour yellow used for Nedry’s rain jacket here. It really ‘pops’ (Pun not intended), and stands out nicely next to the other characters from the line. Although the rain jacket does not feature the iconic Jurassic Park logo, it still looks good – and is recognizable. Nedry here also has an awesome pair of glasses done in a similar style to Hammond’s – and I really enjoy the way Funko have crafted these glasses to have an authentic look. His face looks spot-on, whilst still employing the tongue-in-cheek Funko design. I also love the Barbasol can he is holding – with nice paintwork helping to make it easily identifiable. He does suffer from some paint slips here and there, but they are not noticeable enough to detract from the overall appeal of the figure. He looks great – and will look even better displayed alongside the Dilophosaurus.

Nedry 3.jpg
Nedry 4.jpg
Nedry 2.jpg

One thing to note – another variant of Nedry, alongside the Dilophosaurus, can be found in the Entertainment Earth exclusive two-pack. You can Pre-Order yours here: https://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=FU29451EE

Sexy Jeff 1.jpg

Following on from this, we have arguably the most sort-after and rarest item of Funko’s current line-up – the Injured Dr. Ian Malcolm, which is a Target-exclusive item. This figure depicts Malcolm’s appearance after his fateful run in with the T-Rex – and shows the state he is in after Ellie Sattler and Robert Muldoon rescue him and take him back to Jurassic Park’s emergency bunker. The figure is beautifully sculpted here – with a similar messy hair design to the standard release, but a lack of sunglasses here to really distinguish the figure as a post-action Ian Malcolm. In addition to that, the detail in his beaten-up leg is gruesomely great – with lots of attention to detail really adding to the overall appeal of the piece. And his general aesthetic appearance is great – with the open-shirt, the chest, and the bloodied hand all sculpted and painted nicely to capture the overall appearance of this iconic character. It is easy to see why this Pop has been dubbed ‘Sexy Jeff’ – and it is also easy to see why this figure sold out instantly as soon as it was released at Target. I feel like this figure really conveys Funko’s attention to the brand – as they have identified a popular scene within the first film, and have recreated it.

Sexy Jeff 2.jpg
Sexy Jeff4.jpg
Sexy Jeff 3.jpg

Missed out on this version of Dr. Malcolm? Don’t worry! Target will be re-stocking it nearer the release of Fallen Kingdom in the US, and it will be a Smyths exclusive here in the UK.

So, that brings this review to a close. Are you as entranced by this Malcolm figure as the rest? Perhaps you prefer Nedry and love the addition of the Barbasol Can? Whichever Pop! you prefer – they are available in stores very soon.

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