New Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Details Via @Slashfilm!


Slashfilm Editor in Chief, Peter Sciretta, visited the set of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom last year to discuss many of the upcoming films details with producers Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley, which included some interesting details! Be wary of potential SPOILERS if you are concerned. 

When asked about Jeff Goldblum's character, Ian Malcolm, Pat Crowley had this to say about his entry to this story:

Crowley: He bookends the movie.

We made a guess about this on the podcast recently, having Ian Malcolm be the storyteller of this entry in the saga, directly warning the audience about the stakes. Could Ian's final words in this film be "Welcome to Jurassic World"? That really depends on how the last act plays out. 


There was also a few surprising details about Benjamin Lockwood, James Cromwell's character in the film. When Peter asked Frank and Pat about his role, they responded with this interesting bit:

Marshall: Yeah, Rafe’s great. And Lockwood is not a villain I wouldn’t say.

Crowley: No. He’s no more of a villain than John Hammond was a villain.

Very eye opening for sure. Many had a feel Lockwood would be a more nefarious character than the counterpart of John Hammond. Hammond's character in the novel was a bit more iniquitous than the film version, so many believed Lockwood would end up with that element of Hammond from the novel. They are not dispelling the fact that Lockwood could be on the wrong side of history, but maybe just as delusional to it all as Hammond. 


Now the last point to mention before we confirmed a typo in the article was a bit about the mysterious Ed Hammond!

Marshall: Yes. No, and to be fair, you guys, the little girl’s name in the movie is Maisie. And her Grandfather, she shares a love of dinosaurs that her Grandfather has, so that was his museum. And they’re connected to Lockwood. So it’s all the stuff.

Peter: And that’s John Hammond’s ex-partner or…?

Marshall: Yes. Ed Hammond. Yes. And he’s so yeah, so we like to play with the adults’ and kids’ love of dinosaurs as it exists in the world today.

Phew! That was a close one. Almost just wrote a whole slew of conspiracy articles about Ed Hammond! If you happened to notice that too, than don't fret - it was an error. Thanks for clearing that one up Peter!

So, what do you all think about these interesting details? Comment below and let us know!

SOURCE: Slashfilm