New Mattel 2019 Offerings!


Just as the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hype begins to fade, we have news which has us looking forward to the future – 2019 and beyond!

Thanks to @jurassictoys on Twitter, we have news relating to Mattel’s offerings for the 2019 Jurassic lineup – as found on! The first features one of my all-time favorite dinosaurs – the Dracorex. The set also includes a Jurassic World inspired ATV vehicle with ‘cool features’ (Could it be a similar vehicle to Barry’s in Jurassic World?) and another action figure of Owen – this time with a knife and a gauntlet. The Front of the ATV also has a transforming feature – transforming into a capture claw which you can use to capture dinosaur action figures like the included Dracorex. Another interesting thing to note is the inclusion of a ‘dinosaur facts’ card – something which allows for more storytelling play according to the listing. I, however, find this interesting as it is potentially a transfer from the App-form of information to more physical information for children. Whilst it is unfortunate we get ANOTHER Owen (A new mercenary, an ACU trooper or even Barry would’ve been nice here!), this sounds like an exciting set, and I am super hyped to see my favourite dinosaur, the Dracorex, revealed in toy format!

We then have descriptions for what sound like two new assortments of dinosaurs – possibly replacing or becoming part of the existing assortments we have. The first is a large action-scale dinosaur figure with two button activation for both a tail and head strike action. Both buttons can also be pushed at the same time for dual-strike action. I have a feeling that this may be the leaked T-Rex we saw a while back, as it seemed to have additional articulation joints consistent with tail action. Interestingly, both this listing and the next listing specify that they featured "Movie-inspired sculpting and authentic color and detail" – suggesting to me that these toys are being specifically modeled on their on-screen counterparts where possible. With dinosaurs like the Roarivore Sinoceratops, we see a design which is inconsistent with what we see on screen – so perhaps this is something which Mattel are looking to tackle in 2019. Furthermore, we also have the second listing – this time for smaller-size action scale dinosaurs which feature the same features. Whilst these new action features sound exciting to me, I really hope that they don’t affect the aesthetics of our toys. The current license has good distinction between play and display value, so I hope we see that continue.

That said, these toys are for kids – and it sounds like they will love these new features! What do you think of this news? Do you have a favorite dinosaur from the Mattel line so far? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more news soon.

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Article written by:
Tom Fishenden