Jurassic World Exodus | WATCH NOW!


Hey Everyone – a short one here, but we are excited to share that Jurassic World Exodus is now live on YouTube for you all to enjoy! Exodus is the story of a Special Forces rescue team tasked with extracting a soldier and a scientist from Isla Nublar. But, in true Jurassic fashion, not everything goes well. Killer carnivores stalk the shores of the famous Cloud Island, and rogue factions are moving against the taskforce. Will they make it off Nublar alive – or will they get added to the pile of casualties associated with the doomed Jurassic World?

Gregory Wong and his team have worked hard to produce a fun action flick for Jurassic fans to enjoy. Check out the short fan-film below, and then take a look at our BTS article where we talk to Gregory HERE to learn more about the production of Jurassic World Exodus.


Article written by:
Tom Fishenden