Top 5 Favorite Moments | Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Kenneth Feld and Juliette Feld

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s 4K Ultra, Blu-ray and DVD release is upon us - Tuesday, September 18th - so I wanted to take a second to looks at my top 5 favorite scenes from the entertaining film. This was tough and I certainly left out a few top contenders, but let’s get into my list as it stands TODAY!

Spoilers for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom below.

5. An Emotional Dive


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was full of tense moments, but none surpassed the intensity of the Gyrosphere falling into the water with fiery bombs and dinosaurs raining down. I struggled with seeing the dinosaurs fall to their potential deaths in the depths of the ocean - there was no other way out but down. Maybe it’s my fear of water, but Claire and Franklin attempting to escape their death trap nearly paralyzed me. It felt real. I sensed the terror from Franklin, while the clockwork mind of Claire attempted to find a way out. Knowing that the ball would sink deeper and deeper along with many of our docile dinosaur friends littered me fear and sadness. Lucky for us, the protagonists found a way out, but I’m sure some of our dino friends did not.

4. Goodbye Dear Friend


Speaking of sadness, I present the Brachiosaurus engulfed in flames. I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t ruin your day. While it is certainly not a happy scene or honestly that enjoyable, the Brachiosaurus death scene is necessary to add to a list like this. The emotional ride that is killing Nublar crescendos with the silhouette of the first dinosaur we ever saw succumbing to ash and fire. I was a wreck at this point in the film. It’s a brutal and perfect way to sendoff the island we’ve come to know and love, so Connolly, Trevorrow and Bayona chose the perfect specimen to make my eyes tear. I’m still mad at you guys.

3. A Whole New World

Our favorite Velociraptor, Blue, sends off this film with a grave message for the world - dinosaurs are at your doorstep. The healthy dinosaur that she is, Blue is out getting in her daily hike over the same valley that Elliot and E.T. gained recognition. She is sending out a call. Is she looking for others like her, or is she warning those below that she is on her way? I’m sure we’ll find out in Jurassic World 3, but the image of Blue overlooking the community below is definitely a warning to the world. Blue isn’t alone in her exile. I’m curious to see how the dinosaurs fare in the wild/suburbia - will they be hunted or will they be the hunters? Whatever happens, this final moment in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was beautifully shot, contained incredibly rendered CG and gave me chills all over knowing that the world is different now.

2. Rain Is Back!


Well, not just rain - but a scary T. Rex, yellow raincoats, Jurassic Park aesthetics - so much of the opening sequence makes this film kick off in the most “Jurassic” way possible. This was a tough one not to put at number one. As far as opening sequences go in the Jurassic films, this one takes the cake. Rexy makes a wonderfully shocking appearance as the menacing Rex we fell in love with from the original breakout scene and she has never looked better. The tone and atmosphere of the sequences is incredible, with lightning strikes revealing hidden monsters, rain and darkness obscuring just about everything, and the thrilling entrance by the Mosasaurus, yet again terrifying me of the ocean’s depths. While there are certainly loads of concerns to question the necessity of this opening sequence, it is incredibly well put together - enough to make it one of the highlights of all five films so far.

1. Stiggy & Owen Rampage Pals


I’m sorry, but I can’t get over this sequence. Our favorite Stygimoloch, Stiggy, along with Owen Grady go on a rampage of the Lockwood Estate guests and security guards in one of the most thrilling sequences to date. Jurassic isn’t a series know for this type of action. It hasn’t ever been a spy thriller like Jason Bourne, but this sequence captures that sensibility perfectly. To be honest, it’s actually more in line with an Indiana Jones film sequences than anything. The rough and tumble Owen Grady pieces together a string of strikes with fists, legs, chairs and more as he makes his way across the auction room - just to stop the Indoraptor from being shipped off to unknown regions. By his side is a new powerful presence in Stiggy, the headbutting and potentially stabbing champion of the film. Stiggy makes it around the Indoraptor enclosure just demolishing the attendants. It’s hilarious. I love seeing every guest thrown across the room to the rousing score by Michael Giacchino, that oddly resembles the stabbing themes of the Psycho score. There is so much chaos and more to love from this sequence, so that’s why it’s my number 1!

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Article written by:
Brad Jost