VOTD: Jurassic Collectables Creates Impact Tremors!

Kenneth Feld and Juliette Feld

Our good friend, Jurassic Collectables, has done it again – creating a fantastic little project to replicate perfectly some of the movie magic which went into Jurassic Park. We won’t discuss much here – but let’s just say a lot went into creating the famous ‘Impact Tremor’ scene we all know and love from the T-Rex breakout. Read a little bit of JC’s brief below, and then check out the video:

After 25 years, JC has recreated the famous Jurassic Park vibrating glass of water seen in the Main Road Attack. After sourcing the exact same cup used on screen, JC contacted Michael Lantieri to find out the exact make & pitch of guitar string and the accompanying hardware. The project involved JC building a contraption to keep tension in the wire, allowing vibration to travel from the string to the water. See the video for yourself below.


Article written by:
Tom Fishenden