Changes Coming To Island of Adventure's Jurassic Park!


It looks like some big changes are finally coming to the Jurassic Park section at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure! Rumors have been abound for a while now concerning a new coaster coming to Jurassic Park, and now it seems more and more likely. Twitter has been flooded with images of walls going up all around the park.

Thanks to our friends over at Inside Universal, Orlando Theme Park News and Midway Mayhem, we get our first look at the walls going up around the land. First off, the games closed recently and it’s not known at this time whether they will stay in Jurassic Park or be relocated to a new land.

The rest of the walls around the old Triceratops Encounter and the waterfront section are seemingly for the new roller-coaster that is rumored to be coming to the land. Find out more about those rumors via Alicia Stella’s reporting from the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast. It’s honestly a bit devastating to me to see the waterfront area interrupted by potential coaster track. That view has become iconic and the area itself is a ton of fun to explore. Plus it gives you that true Jurassic Park entrance that feels familiar to the film.

The Raptor Encounter with Blue will be moving soon to a new location to prepare for the coaster. It’s a sad time when Jurassic Park is essentially wall to wall construction, but in the long run it will make for a better land. Will it all become Jurassic World? That is yet to be seen.

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Don’t miss our walk around of the Jurassic Park area as it once stood. A lot is changing and it was nice to get a glimpse before all the walls came into play and the games closed. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Written by:
Brad Jost