Jurassic Updates Ahead of New York Toy Fair!


Thanks to the lovely team over at Mattel, we have some interesting tidbits ahead of the 2019 New York Toy Fair! All of the below questions and responses came via Instagram in a recent posting from the Mattel Brand Manager. Even though the quotes come from an official Mattel source, just know that things can change throughout the development process. Also, don’t miss the first look at the Brachiosaurus toy below.

All of these questions and answers were sourced from the latest glimpse at a fun aquatic species! When asked about any further variants of the upcoming Plesiosaurus figure, this was said:

this is the only version planned for 2019! As to potential variants in the year(s) to come, we’ll see!

The Plesiosaurus is a fantastic looking smaller piece, so I’m excited to see if there are any paint variants or potentially non-Battle Damage versions in the future.

Speaking to potential reveals of Nedry, Tim, Lex, Hammond, the Ford Explorer and a Command Center - this was the response:

...unfortunately we don’t have any reveals planned in those segments or categories for fall 2019...

Interesting developments for sure. I think we were all expecting a look at a Ford Explorer toy, but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. As for the cast of characters, that certainly is a disappointment as well, but in their stead, hopefully we will have some characters in the 6 inch form instead. The Command Center is not something I’ve ever expected, but something along those lines would be great in the future. It’s becoming more and more rare to see well made play-sets on the shelves.

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So, we’ve all heard the Brachiosaurus is coming and we’ve finally got our first look at the dinosaur via @Mattel_Jurassic on Instagram! Will we be seeing the Brachiosaurus from Mattel at Toy Fair?

...she won’t be at Toy Fair, as we don’t typically show retailer exclusives in the gallery. You might get a peek of her in the not too distant future though...

It’s certainly disappointing that we won’t see her at NYFT, but that slight reveal was a lot sooner than I imagined! Hopefully we get to see the rest this weekend as well! It might be good to reveal this online as an aside to NYTF to keep the community buzzing! We also did get word as to where we will be able to track down the Brachiosaurus once it hits the stores - here’s the answer you are looking for:

...it’s part of the legacy collection, so it will be a Target exclusive here in the U.S. by default...

After the Spinosaurus debacle over at Target, it was assured that the availability issues will not be the case for the Brachiosaurus. Breathe a sigh of relief there folks. But, speaking about the Spinosaurus, here’s a response regarding a new batch of Spinosaurus for those who weren’t able to pick it up the first time around:

Nothing I can share at this time, but trust me, we’re working on something!

Maybe Something Has Survived? We’ll have to wait and see on that one, but hopefully they do the fans justice this time around.

A great question popped up regarding the upcoming Dimetrodon and Tapejara figures, as well as the search for the Legacy Collection Dilophosaurus and Jurassic Park 3 male Velociraptor:

The Dimetrodon and the Tapejara are also planned for late Spring, in our next wave of Savage Strike dinos. In Regards to the Legacy Collection dinos you mentioned, sadly the wave with the Dilophosaurus and the JP3 Raptor never made it to market, but we definitely look to try and re-purpose these in the future.

I am INCREDIBLY excited for both the Dimetrodon and the Tapejara figures. They both look like top notch figures in the Jurassic World toy line. I think we are in for a treat. I will note, it is sad that the aforementioned Dilophosaurus and JP3 Raptor didn’t hit the shelves, but at least it seems like there will be some hope for them after all.


People over on Instagram were certainly hitting it out of the park with great questions, such as this one about the Indominus reveal and potential updates to the Super Colossal line:

...the Indominus will be officially revealed at New York (Toy Fair) this weekend. Excitied for you guys to get a look at it and see all of the awesome features! Regarding the seconds, we are planning to expand the Super Colossal offering, but that’s all I can say at this time!

I was caught off guard with mention that the Super Colossal scale dinosaur might see an expansion! That is crazy news. I wonder what dinosaur they may expand into that territory. Any theories?

Also regarding the Indominus Rex, someone asked if it will be a retailer exclusive:

nope, wide release!

So, there you have it! Quite a bit of information ahead of New York Toy Fair! I’m sure we will be getting a bunch of great reveals and more information over the weekend and beginning of next week, as NYTF runs the 16th-19th. Down in the comments below, let us know what you think about all the reveals!


Written by:
Brad Jost