Jurassic Park Pin From Fanattik!


Hey everyone – Tom back here today, and today I am excited to share some pretty awesome Jurassic Park news.

Our friends over at Fanattik debuted some fantastic artwork all throughout 2018 to mark the iconic film’s 25th Anniversary. We saw everything from incredible posters to beautiful, shiny coins which came in both silver and gold variants. However – I’m excited to share that they haven’t stopped there, with Toby from the Fanattik team confirming that we will have more dinosaur goodness on the horizon in 2019!

Fanattik have kicked 2019 off with the debut of their limited edition large Jurassic Park Pin Badge – featuring the iconic scene of Alan Grant waving a flare to distract the T-Rex from the Ford Explorer. The cartoony, pin-style chosen here looks fantastic – reminding me of the kinds of pins available from the Jurassic sections at Universal Studios parks.

This is just the first in hopefully a series of products coming from the company in 2019. Make sure you stay tuned right here to The Jurassic Park Podcast, where we will be sure to break them down first!


Written by:
Tom Fishenden