Extinction Level: Jurassic Park (Episode 16) & After Show/Extinct Scenes + The Missing Compys Vol. 1!

Welcome to The Jurassic Park Podcast! In Episode 137, we skip over the news since I was a bit under the weather, but the news this week would have been on Jurassic gaming, stats on the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer and a birthday to celebrate (Andy Buckley of Jurassic World - February 13th). First off we present Episode 16 of Extinction Level: Jurassic Park from Arjan Bos. Last time we learned about the imminent destruction of Isla Sorna, so what happens next? Stay tuned to find out. After Extinction Level, we have our after show, wrapping up some of the best moments from the segment. 

Arjan brings us another edition of Extinct Scenes, talking about scenes that didn't make the cut in Extinction Level. This one features a cool look at an alternative version of Tim's introduction. Following that, we'll hear from Justin Kiley and co-host Elizabeth Harding in the first full Volume of The Missing Compys here on our podcast. They give some thoughts on the Fallen Kingdom trailer and compare that, along with the other films to the books. We round out the episode with an update from Tom Fishenden inside The Innovation Centre regarding the contest that he is running. Sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of The Jurassic Park Podcast!

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