Frontier Developments Preview More New Features Hitting Jurassic World Evolution This Summer!

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Exciting news for Jurassic World Evolution fans as Frontier Developments share additional details on the highly-anticipated Summer update which should be dropping for the game in a short number of weeks.

We are once again guided through this exciting update by veteran Community Manager Paul Crowther – who shared Feature Focus Two on the Frontier forums.

The inside look at the upcoming update didn’t reveal much, but did it did reveal some exciting new features for the Gyrosphere.

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Paul Crowther:

“We know that many of you enjoy letting your guests experience enclosures using the Gyrospheres, but want a little bit more freedom in how you can use them. With the summer update we’re adding new gate features which will allow you to expand your Gyrosphere tours through multiple enclosures!

Here's how it works: a gate highlight automatically appears when a section of gyrosphere track would go through a fence. You’ll see a ghost gate, similar to when placing ranger gates, that will let you position it anywhere along the fence. Once placed, the gate will remain closed until a gyrosphere approaches, and only then will it open to let that gyrosphere through. They’re always a No Through Road for dinosaurs, though, no matter their size!

You can place as many gates as you need across as many enclosures as you want – if the track fits and the corners aren’t too sharp, then the world is open to you. Your tour ambitions are no longer bound to just a single habitat!

We're also including some new audio tour voice overs to give your guests an even greater experience whilst viewing your dinosaurs. We’ve added more freedom to the camera whilst inside and hide the guests so you don’t get those pesky fingers in the way of your view (perfect for Capture Mode!). Finally, you can now also adjust the number of vehicles on the tour to help you tailor the experience to your own specifications.”

Checking that out it sounds like the Gyrosphere is getting a ton of love in this patch! The funky, gyroscopic attraction really was a defining feature within Jurassic World ­­– driving InGen’s latest park into the forefront of technology. It has become synonymous with the latest saga of Jurassic films – so it makes sense for it to get the preferential treatment here.

The update will also include changes to the Challenge Mode, amongst other improvements and general changes to bugs, etc. to make the game a more streamlined experience for fans.

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Will you guys be jumping back into the world of Jurassic World Evolution? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by:
Tom Fishenden