Jurassic World Evolution Adds Highly-Requested Terrain Tools!

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Jurassic World Evolution fans we have a treat for you today – a sneak peek at the upcoming Summer Update which will be debuting on both consoles and PC in the coming months.

Community Manager and Frontier Forum Wizard Paul Crowther has given us special access in a brand-new weekly segment on the forums titled ‘Feature Focus’. The topic for this week’s update is ‘Terrain Painting and Scenery Improvements’ – and in it, Paul breaks down some of the highly requested features which will be making their way to Jurassic World Evolution.

The first element of Update 1.8 is the introduction of terrain brush tools – which will allow you to add an assortment of new textures and terrains to your islands. Current, included features appear to be rock, mud and grass effects – but it has been said that additional islands, like Isla Muerta, will allow players to have access to sand since there is already an abundance of it on the given islands! Paul also explained why this feature took so long to introduce – touching on the fact that a lot of core framework changes were needed within the game to make this possible whilst maintain performance.

However, this is not the only new addition to the Evolution toolbox – with additional Shrub Tools also coming in Update 1.8. This will provide additional variety in terms of the amount of shrubbery we can place – allowing us to tailor pick the types of vegetation which inhabits our island. Whilst this builds on content already in the game – this is incredibly exciting, as this means Frontier can build on this even more in the future. Natural Scenery Items will also be added – allowing us to individually place trees and rocks to add extra levels of detail to our layouts. Within this release, Frontier have added five different trees and six rocks – although it is worth noting that Paul does use the phrase ‘For this release’, suggesting that this is something which may be added to in future updates.

This is the second quality of life update to come to Jurassic World Evolution – with more hinted at for the near future. What do you think? Will you be diving back into the sandbox, or re-starting your own scientific conquest through the campaign?

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Written by:
Tom Fishenden