Jurassic World Evolution Adds Nasutoceratops To The Dinosaur Roster

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Fans of Jurassic World Evolution can rejoice as a new patch has arrived completely out of the blue today, with Frontier Developments announcing Patch 1.9 on their Social Media platforms. The patch is exciting for a variety of reasons – not least because it includes a brand new FREE Dinosaur to join our parks, the Nasutoceratops.


The Nasutoceratops has been introduced as a brand-new research item – with the message which pops up referencing the ‘Recent short film Battle at Big Rock’. Whilst this film is still MIA, the dinosaur does give fans of the game a tantalising taste of more content shortly after the studio promised there was still much more to come to fans gathered at Gamescom earlier this month. We’re excited as the addition of the Nasutoceratops is most likely just the tip of the proverbial ice berg!

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The patch has also fixed a lot of pre-existing issues within the game. These include improvements to UI within the game so that different elements – such as the Palaeobotany Feeders – are now less buggy. Other updates included fossil contracts being fixed, in addition to a situation where parks became immune to diseases.


Whilst the update for Patch 1.9 is small overall, it does a lot to provide additional support to the game as a whole – allowing fans to experience a much more refined product. This continued commitment to iterative improvement over time really has been one of Frontier’s strongest assets as a company – and it is something I hope we continue to see into 2020 and beyond. With update 2.0 now looming, it is safe to say that there will be some big updates on the horizon for Jurassic World Evolution, and we cannot wait to sink our teeth into them!


What do you all think about the addition of the Nasutoceratops? Will you be diving back into the world of Evolution once more?

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for the latest news on the game right here on The Jurassic Park Podcast. 


Written by:
Tom Fishenden