Jurassic World Evolution Debuts New Photo Mode AND Adds Three New Carnivorous Dinosaurs To The Mix

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Hey Everyone – Tom here today with some exciting news on Jurassic World Evolution’s Update 1.7 – due to release in April of this year!

Revealed on the Jurassic World Evolution section of the Frontier Forums by Community Manager Steggs, the brand-new Capture Mode will debut in April – providing all of you budding Jurassic World Evolution photographers and videographers with even more opportunities to capture your beautiful dinosaurs in the best possible light.

In the past, fans of the game have had to come up with crafty ways of hiding the HUD – such as using the Ranger Camera to get freeze frames or filming with the Ranger camera grid interwoven over the top of the footage as the easiest way to get a close-to-the-ground appearance. This has often proven difficult in the past – especially since the Ranger vehicle must be static to allow this function, so I am really excited to have a new free-cam ability introduced into the game.

The camera will enable you to pause the game – meaning you can capture that spine-tingling roar, or awe-inspiring breakout the moment it happens – complete in high quality. Gamers will also be provided, in this mode, with a new free-form camera with a wealth of options built in – designed to add to the toolbox for content creators who are working with Jurassic World Evolution.

Some of these features will include:

  • The ability to hide the UI – providing a cleaner look than is possible with current functions in-game.

  • The ability to choose various aspect ratios – letting those of you with cinematic fantasies truly run wild.

  • Time controls to slow down time – meaning you will never miss that perfect moment again.

I, for one, am really excited for this update to hit this April as it really is a quality-of-life update. Fans have been sharing mixed opinions on the amount of updates Evolution has featured thus far – but I feel as though this speaks volumes to that. We haven’t received much because the team have committed themselves to, from the ground-up, build features which really add a whole host of new features and new life to the game. Developers have taken the time to listen to fans and actively work on their feedback – meaning we get the best possible Jurassic game.

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However – this is not al!. A recent upload to the Playstation Store unveiled that a brand-new Carnivore Dinosaur Pack is just around the corner. This pack, following a similar format to the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack, will introduce three brand new dinosaurs to the game for a price. These take the forms of Herrerasaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and Proceratosaurus – beautiful but deadly additions to our Jurassic World rosters. Now whilst it is not clear how much brand integration there is, it is interesting to note that two of these dinosaurs also exist within the Mattel line – suggesting a nice level of convergence between the different companies working on Jurassic IPs. With this product set to launch tomorrow alongside the brand-new April update – it is set to say that Jurassic World Evolution fans are in for a sweet treat ahead of the Easter Weekend.

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The April update is just around the corner, and with another update due to hit this Summer, it’s safe to say we’ll all be returning to La Cinco Muertes VERY soon.

 Sources: Frontier Forums | Playstation Store | Also thanks to @SwrveTS2 on Twitter


Written by:
Tom Fishenden