Reviewing Two New Fanattik Jurassic Park Goodies!


Hey everyone – Tom back here today with a little bit of a cool highlight on some Jurassic Park merchandise for you all! Now I know we are all ‘Jurassic World’ branded nowadays – but some cool merchandise from the OG films still slips through the cracks here and there, especially when it is coming from our good friends at Fanattik!

Now full disclosure – the team sent me these items as a thank you for writing them a Jurassic June blog post – but I still wanted to check them out here regardless because I think a lot of you guys are going to really enjoy these!


Up first we have got their brand-new Jurassic Park Limited Edition Coin – titled ‘Find Nedry’. This coin debuted at London MCM Comic Coin this year – and features a fan favourite Dinosaur, the iconic Dilophosaurus – complete with frills splayed out and ready to fire acidic venom at any moment! I absolutely adore having the Dilophosaurus immortalised in this striking pose on a coin – as it is incredibly eye catching, and looks fantastic when lined up with the other coins which Fanattik have debuted in their Jurassic line. I also love the ‘Find Nedry! Check the vending machines!’ font which adorns the coin – creating a fun and quirky twist on the more serious collectables we have seen from Fanattik in the past. This coin is limited to 9,995 worldwide, and it has the iconic Jurassic Park logo on its reverse side. If you’re a fan of the more niche and unique Jurassic collectables then definitely pick this one up – it’s fun, quirky, and visually incredibly stunning!


The other collectable I was lucky enough to receive was the stunning Jurassic Park Large Pin that these guys have created – and this is a product which I have had my eye on personally for a very long time! I absolutely adore how this pin gives us a unique and stylish rendition of the iconic T-Rex breakout – complete with Grant holding the flare, the overturned Ford Explorer and Rexy in all her glory! This pin is done in a more cartoonish style than some of Fanattik’s other products but I think it looks great here. What’s more, with the announcement of Camp Cretaceous, we may begin to see even more in the way of cartoon-esque Jurassic soon, so it seems like Fanattik may be getting on the trend early! This is one pin which it is going to be VERY hard to keep sealed!

So, thanks to my friends over at Fanattik for sending these products my way! It was great getting to partner up with Fanattik for Jurassic June so do keep your eyes peeled for my blog post when it debuts. They have also been great partners throughout the year – providing us with great products to look at and bring to you guys, and that is something which we really appreciate.

If you enjoyed any of the products we featured today, you can find them in the Jurassic Park section on Fanattik’s site. Again – we aren’t sponsored, but these are REALLY cool Jurassic themed items:

Thanks for reading guys – and, as always, have a great week!


Written by:
Tom Fishenden