Visitors Center: Klayton Fioriti - Episode 197

Welcome to The Jurassic Park Podcast! In Episode 197, we open up the doors to the Visitors Center and speak with YouTuber, Klayton Fioriti! We dive into his beginnings as a Jurassic fan, his work in the community today and where the franchise can go in the future! Sit back, relax and ENJOY this episode of The Jurassic Park Podcast!

Astrid Vega

We unfortunately had to say goodbye to one of the best Jurassic community members, Astrid Vega, who passed away July 5th, 2019. We give our best to her family and friends during this difficult time. You will certainly be missed. Please take a moment to watch Astrid’s video below - it’s her very own tribute to her life as a Jurassic Fan.

This Week’s Guest: Klayton Fioriti

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