VOTD: Jeff Goldblum Joins Jurassic World Evolution! @FrontierDev

"10 Golblums out of 10 Goldblum"! That's the rating Mr. Jeff Goldblum gives Jurassic World Evolution, the upcoming game from Frontier Developments that Goldblum has joined! This is a wonderful surprise, hearing that Dr. Ian Malcolm will be a larger part of the universe yet again. Take a look at the announcement video supplied exclusively from EW.com

Being as Goldblum-y as Jeff can be, he introduces his involvement in the game, coming to PC, Playstation 4 and XBox One this summer. He mentions he is going to be with us the whole game, so what does that mean?

It would seem that Ian Malcolm's role in this game may differ from his role in the films and specifically his standpoint in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. From the trailers and behind the scenes featurette, we can infer that Dr. Malcolm is taking a hard stance as the opposition to the Dinosaur Protection Group. His quote, "These creatures were here before us, and If we're not careful... they're gonna be here after" invites speculation that the human race needs to be careful handling the dinosaurs on the volcanic isle. As for the game, you would think that the narrator of a park builder game would be much kinder towards the dinosaurs inhabiting the islands. Maybe we'll get a few I told you so's as our parks start to crumble around us with breakouts and other dire consequences.

I'm excited to hear Jeff Goldblum throughout this game and expect nothing more than pure bliss from his sultry tones as I kick my legs up and play Jurassic World Evolution! Give us your thoughts in the comments below!