Extinction Level: Jurassic Park (Episode 18) & After Show/Extinct Scenes + The Missing Compys Vol. 2!

Welcome to The Jurassic Park Podcast! In Episode 141, we have ton of news to relay regarding upcoming Jurassic World apps, the next stop for Jurassic World: The Exhibition, more merchandise, two Jurassic World apps, birthdays to celebrate and more! After the news, we'll dive into Episode 18 of Extinction Level: Jurassic Park from Arjan Bos. Episode 18 features some great tie-ins to Jurassic Park 3, so don't miss it! Of course we'll feature the EL:JP after show and more Extinct Scenes

To round out the show, we'll present Volume 2 of The Missing Compys from Justin Kiley. In this volume, Justin chats about naming his podcast, Geothermal Power and later he is joined by his co-host, Mike-The-Trike to discuss the tone of the books and films. Sit back, relax and ENJOY this episode of The Jurassic Park Podcast!

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