Jurassic Park: Life Finds A Way | A Fan Film!


We love focusing on fan works here at the podcast, so today we are showcasing Jurassic Park: Life Finds A Way! This fan film, created by Todd Stephens, centers around the idea that the San Diego Jurassic Park was a huge success. Check out the concept and the story below from his post on Reddit:

The concept - In 1997 Jurassic Park San Diego opens it’s gates. It’s an instant success and more parks are built through out the United States. Then one day, the San Diego park shuts down after dinosaurs break out of their enclosures. A domino effect happens and eventually all the parks are destroyed. Leaving the United States in a post-apocalyptic state

The story - The film takes place years after all the parks break down. After two friends save someone from a raptor attack, the three of them have to stand together, not only from the dinosaurs, but from other people willing to kill other people just for survival.

Sounds like a ton of fun! Check out the full film premiere in the video player below!

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Written by:
Brad Jost