INTERVIEW: Dakota Morgan of 'Jurassic: Building A Dream'!


Recently, whilst trawling through the un-deniably addictive space of Twitter, I had an exciting new #Jurassic fan project brought to my attention. Now, you’ll know at this point that I enjoy highlighting fans who are working hard to produce new Jurassic content – having recently written about Jurassic World Exdous. So, I reached out to Dakota Morgan – one of the fans who has been working on Jurassic: Building A Dream to find out a little bit more about the project.


Tom: So, Dakota, how did you get into Jurassic Park?

Dakota: I got into Jurassic Park when I was a kid. I used to watch it on VHS at my Grandparents house and I instantly fell in love with the series. Plus, it helped to inspire my career working within cinema – becoming part of film crews and acting as well! Mr Trevorrow, if you happen to read this and need someone for JW3 – I’m here!

Tom: What’s your favourite Jurassic park film and why?

Dakota: Choosing my favourite Jurassic Park movie is like choosing a favourite pet. It’s tough – although I would have to say, it’s a tough competition between Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. This is mostly because of the way that both these films really appeal to the inner child in all of us!

Tom: How did the ‘Fancorp Network’ get established?

Dakota: Fancorp Network started out as a podcast about comics, and featured interviews with lots of different people. Gradually, this turned into more shows and eventually, a network, designed to help people escape into what they love. This can be anything from shows, interviews, indie-movies or series. It was designed as a way for people to escape their 9-5 day jobs.

Tom: What inspired you to work on Jurassic: Building A Dream?

Dakota: Like others, I’ve always wanted to see the beginning of the islands – and see how Jurassic Park and Site B were created, including the raising of the dinosaurs and more. Everyone within our group has wanted to see it – and a lot of fans outside of our group have too – so together with my Co-Creator Vicktor Hudgens and my artist Danny Jackson, we decided to band together and make this story a reality!

Tom: When is the Cartoon set?

Dakota: The cartoon is set a few years before the events of Jurassic Park. We made this decision based upon the fact that it would take a few years to raise the dinosaurs we see in JP, and to construct the facilities we see on Isla Nublar in the film.

Tom: Can fans expect to see characters and dinosaurs from the original film?

Dakota: I can officially say…yes! The short will feature characters and dinosaurs from the original film. However, I am also happy to announce that we are combining this story with the story told in Michael Crichton’s novel – giving fans the best of both worlds.

Tom: How many episodes will the series be?

Dakota: There will be 10 episodes – but if these prove popular and fans want more, then we will consider a second season!

Tom: Where will fans be able to access the series?

Dakota: Fans will be able to access the series on the Fancorp Network YouTube page sometime in the Fall.

Tom: How many hours went into the production of the series?

Dakota: There have been many hours put into the production – and it has been in the works for a couple of months already! We are constantly working on it and adding more to it, as we want to ensure that this series is something which fans will love.

Tom: Which episode is your favourite – and can you give us a tease as to why?

Dakota: Oh shoot – well what can I say without dropping a spoiler! Episode 2, and some of the final episodes are my favourites. There is lots packed in there that fans may not be expecting – and a whole lot of dino and baby dino action!

Tom: Lastly, can fans expect more in the future?

Dakota: As I mentioned before – we would love to work on a second season, or perhaps even a separate story set in the Jurassic universe depending on whatever fans want to see next!


 I had a blast catching up with Dakota and learning more about this exciting new project! The artwork he sent over, as you will have seen, teases lots of popular dinosaurs from the first film which I am excited to see back in their full glory! The project releases in the Fall – but in the meantime, make sure you are subscribed to Fancorp Network to catch Jurassic: Building A Dream when Dakota and his team release it!



Article written by:
Tom Fishenden