Ask A Palaeontologist Your Burning Questions!

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Jurassic June is here – and it is arguably the most exciting time to be a Jurassic Park or Jurassic World fan as there is plenty in the way of merchandise and great content to come all throughout this month.

As part of this epic month-long Jurassic celebration, we’ve been working on a bunch of great content which we can share throughout the month. As part of that, however, we wanted to get you involved – and we wanted to celebrate some of the palaeontology behind this great franchise. If it wasn’t for the science behind these beautiful animals, we wouldn’t have Jurassic Park today – so it really is important to many of us at the Podcast that we encourage Jurassic fans to engage with that science as much as is possible. 

With that in mind, we are really excited to bring you a unique new opportunity. Friend of the Podcast Doctor David Button (the same awesome scientist who supported the Jurassic World Evolution meetup – read more here) has agreed to allow Jurassic fans to submit their questions for him to answer in a special article right here on The Jurassic Park Podcast.

Wondered whether the T-Rex could really run at 65 miles per hour? Or whether the Velociraptors were in fact a glorified chicken? Or even if a Mosasaurus really was THAT big?

Now is your chance to get those questions answered. Use the form below to submit your questions, and we will collate our favourites to put forward to Doctor Button so that we can answer them in a future article. In the meantime – we hope you’re excited for Jurassic June, and please do tag The Jurassic Park Podcast in all your dinosaur-fueled activities. We cannot wait to see what you all get up to throughout the month of June! 

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(Jurassic Park images in this article came from our great friends at The Jurassic Vault)



Written by:
Tom Fishenden