Jurassic Mailbag - Jurassic June 2019 - w/ Jennifer Terek!

Welcome to The Jurassic Park Podcast! In Episode 191, we kick off Jurassic June with a bit of news on Jurassic World Evolution, Jurassic World 3, and an animated series. After that, we dive into the Jurassic Mailbag for June! Jennifer Terek joins to cover all of the recent voicemails and emails from the coolest Jurassic fans around! Also don’t miss all the coverage below regarding the most recent news and what Brad’s been up to recently! Sit back, relax and ENJOY this episode of The Jurassic Park Podcast!

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This Week's Contributors: Jennifer Terek

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This Week’s Bonus Episodes

We’ve released two bonus episodes this week, discussing updates to Jurassic World Evolution with the Claire’s Sanctuary DLC and the newly announced animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous! Don’t miss both episodes.

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