Extinction Level: Jurassic Park (Episode 19) & After Show/Extinct Scenes + Jurassic Kids: JPOG, JP AudioBook & Chaos Theories!

Welcome to The Jurassic Park Podcast! In Episode 143, we bring you the 19th installment of Extinction Level: Jurassic Park! In Episode 19, we view Jurassic Park III's aviary sequence from a different perspective and maybe even have a little bit of hope of the future. Of course we'll bring you the EL:JP Aftershow and even more Extinct Scenes from Arjan Bos

We also have a Jurassic Kids segment this week with AJ Koch and his daughter Annabelle discussing their play-through of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. It's super cute - don't miss it! Next up, Travis Stevens brings us a big scoop on the seat belts from InGen's Helicopter in Jurassic Park. Travis got to the bottom of InGen's sinister plan.

Lastly, James Hawkins sent us some audio from the Jurassic Park audio book he has been recording. He is going word for word from the original book in their Jurassic Unicast fan project, so make sure to stick around to check it out. Sit back, relax and ENJOY this episode of The Jurassic Park Podcast!

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